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36 Middle Bight Rd., CBS, NL

Stairways By Design prides itself in designing and building nothing but the very best in quality and style. There are 6 specific styles that we build:

STRAIGHT is your basic stairway consisting of 12 to 14 treads. Usually this type of stairway is common in a 2-story home or as the stairway of choice leading to a basement level.

FLARED Usually starts narrow at the top level and widens out at the bottom. Of course, it can also be reversed with the narrow part starting at the bottom and flaring at the top. Either way, it is a beautiful and eye-pleasing design.

WINDERS are also called 'Pie Treads' (because of the shape of some treads). This type of stairway may be a better choice for new homes where space is at a premium

1/4 TURN is a beautiful curved staircase and gets its name from the fact that it is one quarter of a circle. It is the most complex to design and build since supporting walls have to be constructed in our shop. In an existing home major renovations will be needed.

SPLIT ENTRY starting point is your entrance or landing with 12 or 13 total steps. From the landing you have 6 steps up and 6 steps down (7 and 6 in the case of 13 treads).

L-SHAPED stairways add a rich look. However, you must have the necessary space in order to construct the landing or your transition point for the second set of treads.